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Tarot for Beginners: Learn the Symbolism, Secrets, and History of Tarot

Imagine if your tarot cards could actually talk to you. What if they could show you exactly what they're talking about when they show up in your readings. You could sit down with a hot cup of tea, and get to the bottom of things. You could discuss specific ideas and how they relate to the situation at hand. By the end of your tea, you have specific insights that you can act on, and walk away with more clarity than ever.

From deciphering tarot symbolism to understanding how this ancient practice works, this book is your all-in-one introduction to the incredible world of tarot cards. With reference to numerology, astrology, and more, now you can look deep within yourself and change your life for the better with the power of tarot.


- A step-by-step guide to tarot reading

- Illustrations and diagrams to aid learning

- Choosing a deck and preparing the reading place

- Connecting the cards with astrology, numerology and colors

- Developing your ability as a tarot reader

- Customize the art according to your own style

- Symbolic card reading

- An understanding of the key concepts

- Reading of reversed tarot cards

- Shaping the future

- And lots more...