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Scrying the Secrets of the Future: How to Use Crystal Ball, Fire, Wax, Mirrors, Shadows, and Spirit Guides to Reveal Your Destiny

Are you looking for a way to glimpse into the future? Then you're in luck! Scrying the Secrets of the Future is here to make all your predictions come true. This practical handbook provides readers with various methods from cultures throughout history - Ancient Egypt, Aztecs, Mayans, Classical Greece and Rome, Medieval European Magicians and village wise women, even 21st century coffee-shop divination! It's an incredible journey through time as every method is given its due with full descriptions on their traditional practices as well as how to make them relevant for our modern days. Learn about stunning prediction technologies such as Tarot Cards, Crystals Balls and Psychometry – this book has it all! Give yourself the power to see into the future like never before with Scrying the Secrets of the Future - we guarantee it won't crystal ball you wrong!