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Moon Magic Journal

Harness the power of the magical, mystical, glorious Moon with spells, rituals, meditations, and self-reflection prompts for each phase.

The Moon is one of our most prominent and ancient symbols. It has shaped how we understand and track time, its movement controls the tides, and its rise into the sky signals the coming of night. The distinct phases of the lunar cycle have associations with different states of being. These states mirror a kind of spiritual quest that, like our search for ourselves, never ends. When we observe the Moon, we see reflections of the grand pattern of life that is birth, death, and rebirth.

With this invaluable Moon Magic Journaleach Moon phase is explored individually to cover the phase's main themes along with moon ritualsspellsmeditations, and practical ways to manifest what you desire. You will:
  • Create clear intentions and affirmations to enhance your magical journey.
  • Properly conduct spells and rituals at exactly the right lunar moment to strengthen the flow of power.
  • Take the time to ponder questions meant to help you embrace the divine energy of the Moon.
  • Explore magical toolboxes filled with tips for using the right gemstones, crystals, candles, essential oil, or herbs for practicing Moon magic.
Open your arms to Mother Moon, and allow her to take you into hers, with the Moon Magic Journal.

The Mystical Handbook series from Wellfleet takes you on a magical journey through the wonderful world of spellcraft and spellcasting. Explore a new practice with each volume and learn how to incorporate spells, rituals, blessings, and cleansings into your daily routine. These portable companions feature beautiful foil-detail covers and color-saturated interiors on a premium paper blend.