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Goddess Bronzing Shimmer Body Oil

Has this winter weather destroyed your gorgeous bod?

The harsh cold and dry winter ❄️ days can reek havoc on our skin. Do you cringe when you see your dry, flaky skin? Girl, I know the feeling!!! 

Nourish your skin with safe and natural ingredients from Mother Nature.

Our new Goddess Shimmering Body Oil is packed full of the best organic Vitamin E, HempSeed Oil,  Coconut 🌴 Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Elemi, and Frankincense 

Hydrate from head to toe naturally. Perfect for moisturizing hair and skin with a kiss of sweet Bronze Shimmer. You are a Goddess, your skin should look like one! 

Can also be used as a massage oil

Convenient 4 ounce spray 

Just spray on and massage in. Goddess is so hydrating that you should only need to apply once daily. 

Do not ingest. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. Do not spray on clothing. 

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