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The Eye Of Luna Crystal Grid

Step into a deeper connection to divine power with The Eye of Luna Crystal Grid: the perfect tool for compassionate witches who seek to connect souls with sacred geometry. Our laser-etched spiral circles and triangles draw you in to open up your spiritual being to create grids that will help you achieve your intentions. With beautifully cut crystals that can be charged to specifically aid in achieving your goals, it’s never been easier to align yourself with the power of the Universe. Let our crystal grid guide you through rituals, practices, and meditations as they provide a powerful source of energy and invitation for your creativity. Whatever your inner journey may be, we know The Eye of Luna Crystal Grid will help take you deeper than ever before.

Have you ever heard of a crystal grid? It's an amazing tool that uses the power of crystals to enhance and support various aspects of your life.

When most people think of crystal grids for beginners, they imagine a simple grid made of graph paper with neat lines and perfect rectangles. But in the world of metaphysics, crystal grids can come in all sorts of beautiful geometric shapes.

These crystal grids are designed to amplify the energy of each individual crystal, creating a powerful synergy that can manifest positive changes in your life. Whether you're seeking abundance, love, or healing, a crystal grid can help you harness the energy you need to achieve your goals.

So, if you're curious about the magic of crystals and eager to tap into their incredible energy, it's time to explore the captivating world of crystal grids. Get ready to unlock the potential within you and experience the transformative power of crystals like never before.

What is Gridding

Creating and using grids, also known as gridding, can be a powerful tool in manifesting your desires. Whether you prefer a complex or simple approach, the foundation remains the same - each grid is made up of specific points of energy connected by invisible lines.

Think of a grid as a community of compatible energies, all working together to bring your goals to life. You can connect these energies using the Feng Shui Bagua or sacred geometry, or you can create your own unique grid.

To amplify the effectiveness and power of your grid, consider adding rocks or crystals. The placement and type of rocks will depend on the specific grid and desired outcome.

With the right intentions and a carefully crafted grid, you have the ability to attract abundance and positive energy into your life. So why not give gridding a try and see the magical results for yourself?

Discover the perfect stones for your metaphysical grid!

Choosing the right stones is crucial for your grid's success, so take your time and pick ones that align with your specific intentions.

Don't rush this step - it's incredibly important.

Clearly articulate your intentions for the grid, being as specific as possible.

General intentions like seeking protection won't cut it. Instead, focus on specific goals like protection from geopathic stress or crime, and choose stones like shungite, smokey quartz, amazonite, or sardonyx accordingly.

If you're looking to attract love or overcome heartache, consider adding lavender amethyst, ruby, morganite, or rose quartz to your grid.

Dealing with a legal matter? Amethyst, hematite, and tourmaline are great options for protection and personal safety.

In the center of your crystal grid, opt for quartz or amethyst - just make sure it supports and amplifies the purpose of your grid.

Since stones are believed to hold energy, it's essential to clean them before use. You can either smudge them or place them outside during a full moon. For polished stones, try pairing them with a tumbled carnelian for cleansing and energizing properties.


Create Your Powerful Crystal Grid in 5 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Choose Your Perfect Gemstones
Don't know which gemstones harness the energy you desire? No worries! Visit us in store or search our huge selection of crystalsonline. Trust your intuition and choose 3 types of gemstones/crystals that resonate with what you want to manifest.

Step 2: Select Your Focus Stone
Your Focus Stone is the centerpiece of your grid, collecting and channeling universal life force energy. It can be larger, any shape, or cut you like for maximum power. Standing points are especially potent!

Step 3: Grab Your Way and Desire Stones
To enhance the energy of your Focus Stone, surround it with 6 Way Stones. Then, gather 6 Desire Stones as the foundation of your grid, creating strength and power within it. Remember, they can be simple tumbled stones or any shape you prefer, just make sure they fit on your grid.

Step 4: Prepare Your Favorite Crystal Grid
Ready to build your grid? Get your favorite crystal grid and let's begin!

Step 5: Building Your Grid
Defining your intention is key! Be specific about what you want your crystal grid to manifest, and write it down. Place the paper under your grid or keep it close to you.

Next, hold 6 stones of the same type in your hands. Close your eyes, envision your desired outcome, and place the stones in a symmetrical pattern around the largest part of your grid. Repeat this process with the other 6 stones, placing them in a symmetrical pattern around the center.

Finally, pick up your Focus Stone and place it in the center of the grid. As you do so, speak your intention out loud and give thanks to the stones for their guidance. This will activate your crystal grid.

Remember to regularly connect with the energy of your grid. Meditate, sit, or simply be present in front of it to fill yourself with the positive changes you're creating in your life.

Get ready for the magic to happen! Start building your powerful crystal grid today and manifest your deepest desires.


– Laser-etched star spiral, overlapping circles, inner eye, and simple instructions
– Baltic birch wood
– Made in the USA
Dimensions: 6.5” diameter