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Crystals for Emotional Healing: A Contemporary Guide

Crystals for Emotional Healing: A Contemporary Guide

The essential guide to healing your heart and mind through the power of crystals

Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, confusion, grief, anger, or another difficult emotion, you can learn how to tap in to the transformative energy of crystals so you can begin healing. This guide to crystal healing has all the practical tools and guidance you’ll need to incorporate crystals into your wellness and mindfulness practice―so you can feel and function at your best again.

Discover how garnet can help you release inhibitions, how hematite can boost self-esteem, and how jade can encourage feelings of tranquility and peace. You’ll find detailed profiles on 100 different crystals and stones, with insights on how to use them to feel calmer, stronger, and more positive.

This book about healing crystals includes:

  • A crystal reference guide―Explore each crystal’s origins, appearance, uses, and care so you can make informed decisions and keep your crystals cleansed for maximum healing capability.
  • Different ways to use crystals―Learn how you can use crystals to meditate, construct crystal grids, unblock chakras, and embrace personalized mantras to maximize your energy healing potential.
  • Emotion-specific guidance―Find healing rituals, meditations, mantras, and crystal information for dealing with emotions like guilt, loneliness, fear, impulsiveness, courage, and many more.


Harness the healing power of crystals in your everyday life with guidance from this unique crystal book.