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Cosmic Dreams Ritual Bath Salts

Cosmic Dreams Ritual Bath Salts

Bath salts for deep relaxation and rejuvenation 

Feel a little more connected to your emotions and nature with a ritual moon bath. Self-care is one of the most overlooked necessities of life. It helps us maintain healthy relationships with others, and more importantly, ourselves. Whenever you're feeling stressed out, lost, or uber emotional, draw yourself a warm bath under the moons light and soak your stresses away.

Moon baths are a celebration of nature’s cycles. The lunar cycle has a powerful effect on our bodies, and by taking moon baths, we can align our senses and energy with the natural rhythms that control the earth’s tides and seasons to revive our spirits and feel fully alive.

If you're wondering why someone would take a ritual bath, consider the moon's special connection to water. In astrology,Our moon sign is indicative of our truest inner self. And when we use that glowing orb for moon water or to bring clarity to our dreams, what we're trying to reflect is the truth of our inner world, and how to bring those desires outward into reality. The moon is all about unlocking emotional wisdom, soul memory, and the subconscious in order to get what we want—and water is a naturally flowing channel to get there.

Creating a ritual with the element of water is a great way to connect with mother moon and her offerings during the moon cycles. Moon baths are the perfect way to work with lunar energies and receive the wisdom that can transpire when we embody the moons magic.

While you are drawing your bath, think of your intentions. While soaking in your  Moon bath, feel the water cleanse away any thoughts, behaviors, or feelings that don't serve your intentions. 

When you are finished with your bath, anoint yourself with body oiland write down your intention for the full moon in your journal

Mix entire bag with a tub of warm/hot water, then add one human body. Take deep breaths and allow yourself to unwind completely.
Instructions for foot bath: Mix 1/2 bag with warm/hot water in a foot soaker or bowl, and soak feet until relaxation is achieved.

Made with Epsom salt, lavender buds, lavender essential oil, and chamomile flowers for stress relief. 

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