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Amulets of Avalon Pendants by Deva Designs

Bring a little enchantment into your life with Avalon's signature magic pendants. These gorgeous adornments feature stunning goddess design and powerful inscriptions on the back, making them perfect for treating yourself or gifting to someone special - their allure is undeniable!

Fine pewter, size approx 3/4" wide, 100% lead free

Handcrafted in the USA.   

Spiral - “May the Lady of the Spiral show you the path.” 

Moon - “May the Lady of the Moon guide your way.”

Trees - “May the Lady of the Trees give you strength.”

Walk with the goddess- “May you walk with the goddess.” 

Abundance - “May you have abundance always.”

Bless - “May the Lady bless all aspects of your life.” 

We are celebrating 30 years! To celebrate, I have turned to Avalon for inspiration. The Charms of Avalon is the very first pewter charms I ever created, and they are still beloved (and selling well, too!) today. I have updated these in a new petite size for beautiful pendants, to invoke good things for you and for your customers. We know it’s a demanding world out there, and we deeply appreciate all you do to create a welcoming and heart-opening space for your community. Thank you.    - Micki