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Abalone Smudging Bowl Large and Ex Large

Abalone shells are also a gift from the sea and, thus, symbolically represent the water element while the unlit herbs represent earth, the lit herb represents fire and the smoke represents air. In this way, the act of smudging invites The Goddess Gaia into the center of your space for any transformations that will occur.


  • To protect its beautiful rainbow shimmer shell from hot embers, add a layer of sand to the inside of the shell.
  • To honor the natural world, use a match to light the herbs/sage instead of a man-made lighter.
  • Get creative with your smudging. Try smudging with different herbs like white sage to release and clear energy, mugwort to stimulate dreams and astral travel, lavender for calming, rosemary for mental clarity, black sage for protection and flowers for meditation.
  • For a longer smudging session, use the abalone shell as a bowl and a hot charcoal tablet to light the herbs burning.
  • To bless a person, space or object with the cleansing energy, use the underside of a bird’s feather to pass the smoke around them.
  • Be mindful when handling hot embers and sand because abalone shells naturally have holes in them.
  • Use caution when handling the shell because heat can transfer to the shell.

Our large abalone shells are approx 6"-7" long