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A Little Bit of Mindfulness

Welcome to A Little Bit of Mindfulness—the perfect way to add a little bit of peace, creativity and good health into your life! Let’s face it: busy schedules, endless tasks, and endless tech notifications can make it hard to stay present in the moment and keep one’s inner peace. That's where mindfulness comes in. So instead of tuning out and hiding away from reality let’s do this. Pick up this book by author Amy Leigh Mercree, fire up your favorite beverage, settle into your coziest lounger and let's dive in. This friendly introduction to the popular spiritual practice of mindfulness will ensure you master its techniques quickly so you can bring balance back to your life!

Learn how to stay present in the moment and cultivate inner peace throughout each day with rituals that support these techniques. With an accessible combination of tips, exercises, activities, creative visuals and illustrations – this book is all you need to become mindful while discovering deeper creativity and creating a healthier body at the same time! Let A Little Bit of Mindfulness show you just how beautiful it is when living in the now!