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A Little Bit of Mantras

Get ready to elevate your vibration, reconnect with yourself, and find inner peace with A Little Bit of Mantras! In this enchanting little book from the popular “Little Bit Of” series, readers will find a fresh, accessible introduction to the practice of chanting mantras.

Have you ever noticed that some words, phrases or sounds resonate with you in inexplicable ways? That’s because mantras carry specific vibrations and energies that can help us raise our awareness and bring us into a higher state of understanding. Inside A Little Bit of Mantras we get an easy-to-understand overview on how this spiritual practice works and why it’s so powerful. Plus there are chants included that you can incorporate into your yoga, meditation or other daily routines.

Practicing chanting mantras by oneself or within a group is fun and uplifting, so don't wait any longer - grab a copy of A Little Bit of Mantras and gently explore the amazing world of mantras!