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A Little Bit of Goddess

Feel the power of the feminine with A Little Bit of Goddess! This introduction to goddess spirituality and rituals will have you casting circles, blessing your surroundings, and deepening your connection to Mother Earth in no time.

Want to learn about the Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman? Discover the SHE of clay and stars, and explore ancient meditations for love and passion; success, wealth, protection and intuition; or health and creativity. You'll also find a Goddess Directory inside this informative book that could easily become your spiritual guru.

What's even more inspiring? How about joining an empowered circle of Goddess Community members who are just as passionate about reconnecting with the divine feminine as you? Let A Little Bit of Goddess help you connect with the associated seasonal celebrations, miracles and rebirths through its friendly yet witty content. Grandmother Moon is calling - are you ready to answer?