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Oracle of the Mermaids

The Oracle of Mermaids is ready to propel your life forward with its magical answers, offering you a gateway to the vast reservoir of the Feminine Divine. With the guidance and teachings of the mermaids, you are ready to dive into sacred depths and explore a world full of creative potential, powerful love and inspiring purpose.

Attune yourself to their wise reflections and open your heart to an ethereal energy that sparks transformation and conjures joy. Here, in the enchanted world of Mermaid Oracle cards, you can heal past hurts, build self-confidence through self-love and unlock doorways to recognize the beauty that lies within.

Created by spiritual teacher Lucy Cavendish, discover more about this mysterious realm through her 168 page guidebook with detailed messages that come alive through readings based on card spreads designed for both personal use or usage when giving a reading to another. Awaken your inner mermaid power now!