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Witchcraft for Beginners: A Basic Guide for Modern Witches to Find Their Own Path and Start Practicing to Learn Spells and Magic Rituals Using Esoteric and Occult Elements Like Herbs and Crystals

Have you always wanted to understand how to cast a spell? Have you ever asked yourself how to use plants or candles in a different way? Have you ever wanted to learn how to become a real witch?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then keep reading....

This beginner’s guide longs to dispel the stereotyped concepts of old, haggard women flying on broomsticks, but also links together why various imageries have become locked in cultural association. The truth about magic is revealed as something any human being can partake in, given that they are approaching magic with the most positive intentions.

Dive deep into the world of moon, oil, crystal, and incense magic. Swim around in the appreciation for the natural elements of the universe, along with the various Gods and Goddesses that roam it. Begin building your witchcraft toolkit by exploring the wonders of different kinds of altars, crystal balls, and wands. Learn about what it truly takes to manifest your dreams into a reality by tapping into the stunning natural energy of the earth. Increase your knowledge on what it means to trust your intuition, and how you can harness future predicting skills through the delicate of this trust.

Witchcraft is meant for everyone who wants to improve their lives, and of whom have felt an organic pull toward a following that thrives upon a gratitude toward the earth around us. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey that transcends the physical world, reaches into the spiritual, and lifts you up to heights that you have yet to achieve. This book gives the listener various beginner spells, along with detailed descriptions that are practical and doable Wiccan rituals. You may even feel like you’re flying on your own personal broomstick of contentment.

In this book, you will find the following topics:


  • A history of witchcraft
  • Beliefs, practices, and common rituals
  • The difference between Wicca and witchcraft
  • Herbal magic and how herbs, plants, flowers, and more play such an important role in Wicca
  • The seasons, holidays, and celebrations of the Wiccan year
  • Step-by-step instructions to help you with basic rituals
  • Spells to get your started
  • The relationship to nature and the Gods/Goddesses
  • Working with the spirit world
  • And more!

Even if you never approached to this fantastic world, you will be able to start your own path by practicing alone just following the instructions inside this book!

So, what are you waiting for?