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Wicca Herbal Magic: A Little Encyclopedia of 25 Different Herbs and Plants Used by Modern Wiccan and Witchcraft Adepts for Magic Rituals and Spells to Manifest Happiness and Healing

The magic of herbs is all around you. It has existed for centuries and has shaped the world and how we have lived and survived into the present day. Wicca herbal magic is a guide to connect you with the traditions and healing magic of several different herbs and how they can bring more love, light, happiness, and health into your life.

Since the time of the hunter and gatherers, we have been using herbs to feed ourselves and heal our wounds. The power and magic of herbs have a profound history in the lore of Pagan and Wiccan rituals, spells, and craftwork. The witchcraft of herbs is simply a knowledge of what they do and how to properly use them. This is what you will learn in this book.

The secrets of herbal magic can be practiced and appreciated through the Wiccan arts, and if you are ready to delve deeply into the history, the basics, the preparations, and the recipes, then this book is for you!

This is a general guide to the wisdom of the past brought forward through the practice of Wicca and witchcraft, and it will teach you the basics of 25 common herbs that are the perfect way for you to start your own cabinet of magical herbs. These herbs are only the beginning of a life-long adventure working with herbs and their properties. You will find that they are not only used for healing and health, but that their energy can also bring you into greater alignment with love, prosperity, luck, and good fortune.

There are so many different ways to enjoy herbs and above all, it is a part of the devotion and appreciation of nature that gives you a close relationship to know how these herbs can teach you to thrive and enjoy abundance in your life. Each little plant, herb, flower, root, and leaf has a story to tell, and as you explore this audiobook and get to know each one, you will feel inspired to practice your own Wiccan herbal magic practices to bring you long life, vitality, strength, and power.

In this book, you will learn the following:

  • History and magic of herbal traditions and lore.
  • Some basics of Wicca and how to incorporate herbal magic into your rituals.
  • Healing properties and benefits of 25 common herbs.
  • How to collect, prepare, and store your herbs.
  • Why you should use herbs and not prescription medications.
  • Ways to heal the self and others with herbal magic.
  • Magical recipes to heal, protect, and empower your life.
  • Ways to plant your own garden of magic herbs, plants, and flowers.
  • How to create your own home apothecary and magical cabinet of herbs.
  • How to use herbs to cast spells.