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Tarot & Oracle 365 Day Challenge: For Busy Souls

“These challenges made me think in different ways about the Tarot and opened up my intuition for using them. They inspired me to see the decks as friends rather than just tools.I would suggest them to potential tarot-readers because they are easy for beginners to follow and then they lead them gently into new card territories.” Luci D. DaviesThis is a one-year immersion challenge for ALL, whether you are initiated to tarot and oracles, … or not. I was keen to share with you and to make you live an unexpected 365-day journey filled with questions you may have never thought about! You might be curious about Cartomancy and you have this strong attraction and desire to know your decks better, to study them, and to discover their mysteries… However, life can get pretty busy and you get lost between Obligations from one side and Aspirations from the other. But you push your passions away hoping to have time in the future… “Maybe one day, when I have some time, I will play with this deck, I will study this subject, I will sit with myself…” But that “Rendez-vous” doesn’t come as more and more tasks are added to the “Must Do” list …So, I created this book to give you the opportunity: To practice Reading even if you don’t have much time: This book is indeed … for busy souls! Get this book to:+ Know yourself better + Get in touch with yourself in a personal and dedicated space + Explore unexpected topics and reflect on serious and less serious subjects! + Restructure your life, and bring more balance and harmony: The cards will Coach you! + Embrace your truths + And to read for others if you want to! This book offers practical and fun exercises, short and sweet, that you can do within whatever time you have in your day. Whether you have 5 minutes or want to take an hour a day to dive deeper in your study, it's up to you. The principles are simple: having a spiritual practice while having fun and evolving. Even if you don’t have much time, you can still learn and use your decks.