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Soothe Oatmeal Bath Salts

Soothe is made to help moisturize and sooth irritated skin. Soothe is made with colloidal oatmeal, epsom salts, lavender, and rose buds and nothing else. 100% natural and soothing. 

Let the benefits of oatmeal soothe and moisturize your skin, while the rose and lavender will help to relax you and ease your mind.

Colloidal oatmeal binds to your skin and forms a protective barrier. It also helps hold in moisture and ease inflammation. If that isn’t enough, it cleans your skin, too. People have been using oatmeal baths for centuries to ease irritated skin.


Colloidal oatmeal, a natural product produced from finely ground oat grains that are boiled to produce an extract, is full of vitamins, minerals and lipids that add moisture to benefit the condition of one's skin. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart told us, "Oatmeal contains both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and as such is ideal for sensitive skin and to treat a variety of skin disorders (i.e sunburns, eczema and poison ivy)." ~ Huffington Post

  • Make sure the water is lukewarm, not hot.
  • Sprinkle about a teaspoon of Soothe under running water as the tub fills.
  • Soak for about 10-15 minutes.
  • After the bath, gently pat yourself dry so your skin still feels damp.
  • Immediately apply a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer~ our Goddess Oil is the best.
  • The water should feel soft and silky on your skin. If you soak too long, your skin will dry out. That’ll make your itch worse.

Soothe comes in a 3oz. tube. 4-6 baths depending on how much is used each bath.

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