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Sacred Salt

Salt has been used for thousands of years in homes across the world. Salt acts as a natural purifier when put in your space. It is full of yang energy and helps to transform the energy leftover from negative vibrations into positive ones by absorbing the negative energy.

Considered one of the most sacred minerals on earth. Salt represents Prosperity & Protection. Because it was once prized as currency and used to pay salaries; Salt is associated with financial abundance, especially when mixed with stones and ingredients related to prosperity and wealth. Use salt for cleansing energies both physical and not. One of the most well-known used for salt is in creating protective Magickal barriers also known as a Circle of Salt.

Sea salts are sacred to water deities while remaining a mineral of Earth. Volcanic salts (black salt) are sacred to Fire and Volcano Deities, and salts (Pink Salt) retrieved from underground mines are sacred to Earth Spirits and Deities. Good for protection, cleaning/clearing, and circle casting.

Black Salt is revered for its ability to cleanse spaces and repel the unwanted.  It is even said to rid your home of unwanted guests (preventing them from returning to you) and to protect you from third-party influences. Good for removing negativity, protections, banishment, and hex breaking. 

Pink Himalayan Salts are one of the purest salts available on earth. Mined from deep in the Himalayan Mountains, this salt crystallized more than 200 million years ago and remains protected from modern-day pollution and impurities. Good for love, wishes, clearing and healing. 

All of our salts are charged and blessed with positive vibes and intent for positive energy, love, wishes, protection, healing and abundance 🌛🌞🌜

Sea Salt
Himalayan Pink Salt
Black Salt