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Mono B OG Foil Highwaist Leggings

These are the Mono B leggings Angel wears all the time that everyone LOVES. You look like 5 pounds lighter as soon as you put them on!! They are absolutely adorable with a graphic T and a flannel!

The foil leggings that started it all. This stylish and eye-catching pair is crafted out of stretch polyester-spandex fabric decorated with scale pattern made of foil. The discreet slot on the front waist band is perfect for your phone or other necessities. 88% polyester, 12% spandex. Tummy control. Moisture wicking. Four-way stretch. 

Fit Guide: Small: 0-6 Medium: 6-10 Large: 10-14 XL: 16-18/20 2XL: 18-22 3XL: 20-24