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Mama, What's a Witch?

Are you curious about the magical world of witchcraft? Mama, What’s a Witch? is just the thing to help your little one learn more! This engaging and informative book explains what witches do, why they are special, and most importantly, how to foster love and belief in oneself. Filled with beautiful illustrations and charming rhymes, it's the perfect way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of witchcraft.

Enchantingly written, this beautifully-illustrated book explains that if one is a person who loves the earth and honors all, then they can go on a magical exploration with Mama - discovering who witches are, what kinds of magick they practice, why being a witch is so special and important. So let your kid unlock their potential as an aspiring witch today - pick up Mama What's A Witch? for yourself or as a gift!