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Makeup Brush Cleaner

Our new 2:1 Makeup Brush cleaner is perfect for any makeup addict. 

What is the sponge for: A dry makeup brush-cleaning sponge that quickly removes powder pigment from bristles so you can easily switch between shades—no soap or water needed.

  • What Else You Need to Know: Dry Brush-Cleaning Sponge removes powders from brushes so you can apply any color then easily switch to a new shade. Its gritty texture absorbs pigments in a few gentle swipes, letting you clean your brushes or switch between bronzer, blush, and setting powder. Plus it’s packaged in a portable, reusable silicone holder.
  • How to Use: Gently buff brush against textured sponge in a circular motion to remove powder pigment instantly.

What is the silicone mat for: The silicone mat helps to deep clean and remove dirt and bacteria from makeup brushes without damaging them. 

  • How to use: Clean brushes in warm water and mild soap. Do not rub or dry them on a towel, this will damage the bristles. After you cleanse with soap and water, gently rub on silicone mat to remove bacteria and leftover makeup rinse again. Lay brushes flat to dry.
Makeup Brush Cleaner


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