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Heart Chakra Healing Box

The heart chakra colors our life with compassion, love, and beauty. Driven by the principles of transformation and integration, the fourth energy center is said to bridge earthly and spiritual aspirations. Explore what makes the essence of this chakra and how to unravel its powerful energy to enrich your life. The Heart Chakra is very important for self love and those that have had heartache. If you're on a spiritual self healing journey, be sure to cleanse your heart chakra often. 

You can use our heart chakra healing box to help open and unblock your heart chakra by placing these crystals over your heart. Meditate with them. You can place them in your pocket while gardening, going for a walk or doing anything that connects you to nature. Lie down on your back and place the crystals on your chest for about 20 minutes while listening to calming-peaceful music or a meditation mantra. You can also add the crystals to a spiritual bath! Each kit comes with 1 of each: Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Jade, and Amazonite. 

When the heart chakra is open, you may feel being deeply connected, the harmonious exchange of energy with all that is around you, and the appreciation of beauty. However, when your heart chakra is blocked, you may experience difficulties in your relating with others, such as excessive jealousy, codependency, or being closed down, withdrawn.

The heart chakra is associated with:

  • Capacity to love
  • Integration, bridge between earthly and spiritual aspirations
  • Transcending personal identity and limitations of the ego
  • Experience of unconditional love and connection with all
  • Heart-centered discernment
  • Appreciation of beauty in all things
  • Experiencing deep and meaningful relationships
Most of us have energetic blocks and imbalances as well as energy-sabotaging habits that prevent us from accessing our full vitality, which leads us to feel exhausted, scattered, dull… even ill. If your heart chakra is blocked you may feel off or
            Some physical symptoms of a Heart Chakra blockage include (but are not limited to):
            • Being overly defensive
            • Feeling closed down
            • Jealousy; fear of intimacy
            • Codependency, relying on other’s approval and attention
            • Trying to please at all cost
            • Always putting oneself in the role of the savior or the rescuer; or on the contrary, falling into victimization
            • Excessive isolation, being reclusive and antisocial
            • Holding grudges, not being able to forgive


            Note: You will not receive the exact stones pictured, but stones of the same quality and similar appearance. See photos for examples of variety. ** Please understand the above description is not a promise to cure or treat any ailments. Points of the description have been taken from my favorite crystal books and online resources. **