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Hamsa Chakra Healing Mala

Welcome the Hamsa Chakra Healing Mala into your life! Be blessed with protection and equipped for healing with this beautiful 108 mala bead. With seven chakra stones and Amazonite, Howlite, and Turquoise accent stones all made of crystal, your spiritual security is guaranteed! The addition of Amethyst makes this piece especially powerful, - purifying your aura by removing any negative energy or feelings while grounding you in its powerful calming energy.

But it doesn't stop there! This incredible mala is adorned with the Hamsa Hand, an ancient symbol believed to bring happiness, luck, health, and good fortune to its owner. Its simple beauty adds a touch of elegance to its metaphysical power. Whether you wear it as a necklace or keep it close on your altar – embrace the Hamsa Chakra Healing Mala and experience abundant joy today!


Amazonite has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and chakra balancing. Amazonite crystal therapies are primarily associated with filtering out stresses, healing traumas, and soothing energies in the home and workplace.

White Howlite calms you and decreases an overly critical state of mind, and encourages calm and relaxation. It eases insomnia, improves dream retention, improves dreams, and calms muscle tension brought on by stress. 

Wear this to protect yourself from the evil eyes of jealous co-workers or others that may be projecting their negative energy upon you. 

This mala can be worn as a necklace or wrap it around your wrist multiple times to wear as a bracelet.

All of our gemstones are cleansed and blessed with positive vibes to rid negative energy 🌛🌞🌜

  • Elastic
  • 8mm natural stones
  • Length: approximately 34 inches (86 cm)
  • Embellished with the Hamsa Hand
  • Materials: Semi-precious stones, Natural Amazonite, Howlite, Amethyst, Turquoise, 7 Chakra Stones
  • Stainless Steel