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Brümate Uncorked Wine Tumbler **NEW COLORS


Elevate your drinking experience with Uncork'd, our 14oz insulated XL wine tumblers. Fits over a half bottle of wine while our BevGuard™ technology ensures it stays at the perfect temperature until the very last sip.


Wasted wine is a thing of the past. Thanks to our BevGuard™ technology, you can pour more, refill less, and stay in the moment longer.


Brumate Uncorked Wine Tumbler


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Glitter Violet
Glitter Mermaid
Glitter Aqua
Glitter Charcoal
Neon Pink
Matte Black
Glitter Pink
Rainbow Titanium
Glitter White
Dark Aura
Glitter Rainbow
Glitter Rose
*Limited Edition Moonrise
*Limited Edition Sundown
*limited Edition Amethyst
Cherry Bomb
Matte Clay