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Brass Witch Bell

Bells have been used for centuries in spell-crafting. Some use bells for removing unwanted or negative energies, and to call spirits. Their sound also marks an energetic change as well.  There’s something about the simple ringing of a bell that changes the energy of a space.  This can be felt when priestess rings a bell to move her coven from the mundane to the magical, or during the ringing of a funeral bell.The bell has been a witchy tool since time immemorial. 

Ring a bell to cleanse the energy of a room. This is thought to attract good energy and repel negative energy.  I like to do it both before and after rituals. The ringing of a bell can invoke a spirit ally. I’ve also seen bells used to call the spirits at each of the elemental quarters.

On Samhain, people ring bells to banish evil spirits. The sound of bells are thought to banish bad spirits because they can’t be near their beautiful sound.  This is why bells are sometimes called “devil drivers.”

Your personal energy can be attuned with the pitch of a bell.  The sound and vibration can reset errant energy and can help you get back to your home frequency.