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A Little Bit of Wicca

Are you ready to come over to the magical side? 'A Little Bit of Wicca' provides an easy route into this blossoming faith, with acclaimed author and spiritual guru Cassandra Eason at the helm. In her comprehensive guide, you'll explore the origins and practices of Wicca and how to implement them in your everyday life. With detailed information on magick, how to create your own altar and tools, spells, rituals and chants - as well as advice on finding a coven- this book will become your go-to guide for all things related to Wicca! What's more, Cassandra keeps it lighthearted with some witty explanations for those newbies out there. So if you are ready for a unique journey of spiritual discovery that could open up a whole new world - then start your journey with A Little Bit of Wicca!