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Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz

  • Helps one get through a tough business deal
  •  Helps one tackle important tasks
  •  Rids the body and home of negative energies
  • Aids in better communicating with a loved one
  • Brings everyone involved in a dispute to find common ground-makes a great stone to keep in a hostile work environment
  • Absorbs any negative vibrations and banishes them
  • Removes energy blockages  and helps one to move forward in life
  • Enhances the energy of anyone wearing it
  • Enhances the energy of other stones/crystals
  • OAccelerates the fulfillment of one’s prayers
  • Dissipates emotional, mental, physical and environmental negativity.

Perfect for someone who seems to have their head stuck in the clouds 

All of our crystals are cleansed and blessed with positive vibes to rid negative energy 🌛🌞🌜