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Ground + Protect Mini Energy Set | Geo Central

Ready to be rockin with Geo Central's GROUND + PROTECT Mini Energy Set? This curated collection comes with two of Crystal Magic's finest: black obsidian and smoky quartz. Both of these crystals can help set your chakras and aura straight, jammin’ out with positive energy to make sure you’re always radiatin’. From the soul level up, use these stones to open up a world of self-care practices, both ancient and tried-and-true. They work together to create harmony in both your physical and spiritual life and invite a flow state even when times get tough. Grab hold of this magic duo, trust that it’s safe to explore, then glide on as your true self!

BLACK OBSIDIAN // GROUND: Sleek formation and deflecting properties keep worries at bay! Helps to process grief, provides grounding energy, and stimulates action for your most growth.

SMOKY QUARTZ // PROTECT: Excellent tool for meditation! Breaks up negative energy patterns that cause mental and emotional blocks. Protects and stabilizes the solar plexus chakra.

Includes: 2 genuine crystals

Crystals: .75”-1”
Black obsidian- raw
Smoky quartz- polished

–You can recycle packaging when ready with ease! Infographic features product life cycle and recycling information.