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Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit | Geo Central

Get out of your mundane routine and add a little sparkle and clarity to your life with Geo Central’s Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit. This 7-part journey will help you discover the power of crystal energy and sacred geometry, giving you everything you need to create a stunning crystal grid. With its interactive experience, setting intentions and experimenting with placements, this toolkit turns designated spaces into centers of positive energy. Whether it’s in a special spot or somewhere that could benefit from an extra boost of positivity, place your lovely crystal grid creation anywhere for it to tap into the aligned energies around you. So get ready for an out-of-this-world elevating adventure with Geo Central’s Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit!

-Beautiful, modern artwork
-15 genuine crystals
-Luxe gold foil on front cover + grid template
-Instructions for 6 crystal grid layouts
-Magnetic closure box
-Lay-flat box design
-Recycling information

Size: 8.75″L x 6.75″W x 1.25″H

1 – .75″-1″ snowflake obsidian (polished)
6 – 1″L x .25″W natural clear quartz points (raw)
2 – .5″ fluorite (flat, polished)
2 – .5″ rose quartz (flat, matte)
4 – 1″L x .25″W selenite wands (raw, in shrink wrap)
1 – 7″L x 6″W printed grid template (157gsm paper)
1 – 6″L x 4″W cotton musling bag