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Witchlings Deck & Book Set

Welcome to the wonderful world of Witchlings! Paulina Cassidy introduces her 40 delightful friends in this captivating deck and book set. Each Witchling has a unique character to explore, as well as its own special spell, ready to aid you on your journey of wellness and prosperity. With the help of these magical creatures, you can access your own powerful energy and tap into your natural abilities.

The enchanting 200-page illustrated guidebook leads you through more than 150 spells with tips gaining insight from each individual Witchling. Whether you're seeking incantation or inspiration, these heartfelt spells will bring trust and safety to your soul while helping you achieve your wildest dreams. You'll discover a bright path forward towards achieving growth and positivity in life.

Experience the power of Witchlings! With this engaging deck and book set, you can connect with nature and trust in yourself like never before. Gifted with clear instructions by Paulina Cassidy, the witchy magic is yours for the taking - are you ready?