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Triple Moon Goddess Chalice

Triple Moon Goddess Chalice

A chalice is essentially just a goblet or cup intended to hold drink, but, in religious terms, it is specifically intended for use during a ceremony or ritual. Wicca and other forms of Neopaganism often make use of chalices in their rituals. Often times it is used on the alter during spell work. 

In rituals, the chalice is one of the four elemental tools of witchcraft to represent the element of Water. It is a symbol of containment and represents the womb of the Goddess. The base is symbolic of the material world, the stem is symbolic for the connection between man and spirit, and the rim or opening symbolically receives spiritual energy. 

Our Triple Moon Goddess Chalice is embellished with the Mother, Maiden, and Crone.

  • This goblet is made of fine polyresin and stainless steel, hand painted and polished.
  • It measures 6.75" tall and about 3" in diameter.
  •  Handwash only. The stainless steel cup is removable for washing purposes.
  • This Triple Goddess Chalice capacity is 5.3 ounces.