Why CBD Sunscreen is the bomb.....

Why CBD Sunscreen is the bomb.....

Now that summer is really here, it's time to hit the pool! Skin care is a #1 priority when the sun is shining! Did you know that most drugstore sunscreens aren't safe? Many contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous for humans, animals, and sea creatures. A recent study done by Connecticut-based lab Valisure tested different 294 sunscreens across 69 different companies. Scientists found 78 product batches had detectable levels of benzene! Benzene is a chemical that has been determined to cause cancer in humans, by the Department of Health and Human Services. Some of the popular sunscreens tested had benzene levels six times the amount considered safe. The scary thing is the lab noted that  benzene will not appear on the ingredients label on the back of a bottle, so you won't even know if it's safe!!! 

It’s Simple. We care about the planet, animals and families. We don't use any ingredients that can hurt the planet, animals or families. Paraben Free. Plant-Based Products. Zinc-Based Sun Care. Cruelty-Free. Hypoallergenic. Reef Safe. Made in small batches from SPF 20-70. One in 5 people will develop skin cancer in their life, sunscreen is a must!

Did you know The Pretty Hot Mess's sunscreen line is CBD infused?? Why would we put CBD in sunscreen? 

Using a CBD sunscreen can provide extra anti-aging protection. You’ll get the UV protection of sunscreen along with the anti-aging perks of CBD.

CBD is such an effective skin treatment due to the fact that it’s loaded with antioxidants. This means that it’s able to neutralize the harmful effects of the free radicals that commonly wreak havoc on our skin cells. Free radicals are chemically unstable molecules that can come from several commonly found environmental sources. Free radicals steal electrons from a healthy molecule, which in turn causes that molecule to be destabilized and become a free revolutionary itself which creates a chain reaction that can cause significant cellular structure tissue damage. CBD can reduce the aging effect of oxidation on our skin cells by counteracting the tissue damage.

We have sunscreen for all ages, all bodies, all skin types! Rest easy this summer and protect your skin with The Pretty Hot Mess's sunscreen line!!

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