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Throat Chakra Healing Box

The Throat Chakra is located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat, it is the passage of the energy between the lower parts of the body and the head. The function of the throat chakra is driven by the principle of expression and communication. The throat chakra plays an essential role in communication, creativity, and self-expression. When there’s an imbalance in this chakra, you may notice you have a harder time communicating effectively.

The throat chakra is about the expression of yourself: Your truth, purpose in life, creativity. Note that this chakra has a natural connection with the second chakra or sacral chakra, center of emotions and creativity as well. The throat chakra’s emphasis is on expressing and projecting the creativity into the world according to its perfect form or authenticity.

You can use our throat chakra healing box to help open and unblock your throat chakra by placing these crystals on your altar or by your pillow while you sleep, and journal with them to see what comes up around what's blocking your crown chakra. Meditate with them. You can place them in your pocket while gardening, going for a walk or doing anything that connects you to nature. Lie down on your back and place the crystals around your head/neck/chest for about 20 minutes while listening to calming-peaceful music or a meditation mantra. You can also add the crystals to a spiritual bath! Each kit comes with 1 of each: Lapis | Amazonite | Turquoise | Aquamarine

A blocked throat chakra  can contribute to feelings of insecurity, timidity, and introversion. On the other end of the spectrum, an overactive throat chakra may also lead to gossiping, nonstop talking, and being verbally aggressive or mean. It can seem as though the filter between the discourse you have in your mind and what comes out of your mouth is not working, or missing entirely.

The throat chakra is associated with:

  • Expression, in particular ability to express your truth, to speak out
  • Communication, whether it’s verbal or non-verbal, external or internal
  • Connection with the etheric realm, the more subtle realms of spirit and intuitive abilities
  • Propensity to create, projecting ideas and blueprints into reality
  • Realizing your vocation, purpose
  • Good sense of timing
Most of us have energetic blocks and imbalances as well as energy-sabotaging habits that prevent us from accessing our full vitality, which leads us to feel exhausted, scattered, dull… even ill. If your heart chakra is blocked you may feel off or
            Some symptoms of a Throat Chakra blockage include (but are not limited to):
            • Lack of control over one’s speech; speaking too much or inappropriately;
            • Not being able to listen to others
            • Excessive fear of speaking
            • Small, imperceptible voice
            • Not being able to keep secrets, to keep your word
            • Telling lies
            • On the opposite side, a closed throat chakra might manifest as excessive secretiveness or shyness
            • Lack of connection with a vocation or purpose in life
            • Hoarseness
            • Sore throat
            • Thyroid problems
            • Laryngitis
            • Neck pain
            • Depression
            • Inability to express yourself
            • Anxiety
            • Aggression
            • Lack of self-esteem

                        Note: You will not receive the exact stones pictured, but stones of the same quality and similar appearance. See photos for examples of variety. ** Please understand the above description is not a promise to cure or treat any ailments. Points of the description have been taken from my favorite crystal books and online resources. **