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I Am Fucking Radiant Journal 😘

A Self-Care Journal to Help You Ditch the Spa Days, Quit the Bullsh*t, and Actually Feel F*cking Better

A self-care journal for when you realize buying a scented candle isn't actually going to make you feel f*cking better

Ah, self-care. Yoga classes, green juice, bubble baths, face goop. F*ck that. The new self-care is all about taking care of yourself in whatever way you need to feel good. Whatever your paycheck or location, your identity, social class, race, gender―self-care belongs to YOU.

Self-care isn't just for the Insta-influencers doing all the yoga and eating their acai bowls. Self-care is for all of us―it's for the stressed-out queens, the women who are doing it all and just need a minute for themselves. It's for the anxiety-ridden, the wellness-challenged, the people who need a break to focus on their own mental health. Self-care is about identifying your core values and making the time to nurture them. It's about taking a look at the tough stuff―anxiety, mental health, self-love, boundaries, empowerment―and finding concrete ways to help. Enter: I Am F*cking Radiant, a positive self-help book for women looking to:

  • Embrace some self-love―the perfect self-esteem book for women looking to celebrate our badass selves
  • Quiet that asshole in your head―take the time to give your mental health some TLC
  • Feel all the feels―because emotional intelligence feels f*cking great (even when you feel f*cking bad)
  • And take care of your #1: prioritize YOU!

With guided prompts, sweary sayings, and an empowering AF attitude, this is the perfect journal for readers who are over the bullsh*t and are ready to take their self-care into their own hands. The ideal self-care gift, relaxing gift for women, or guided journal to get you through, this book will get you to stand up and declare, "I am radiant and I deserve some f*cking self-care!"