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GLOW Nail Polish by Polish Me Silly

Are you tired of searching for that perfect, unique, attention stopping polish? Are you looking for the perfect gift item? Then look no further! Polish Me Silly has created a line of jaw-dropping, vibrant, fun and flirty polishes like no other. Catering to girls, teens, women and even grandmas of all ages, we know that our unique glitter polishes will be your new favorite nail polish!!

GLOW Nail Polish by Polish Me Silly


Polish Me Silly polishes are ALL manufactured in the USA. The finest glitters and the best quality "cruelty free & vegan" glitter base. This means our base is free from the harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor D, and Dibutyl Phthalate. Kids and women of all ages can have comfort in wearing a polish on their nails without toxic chemicals! 

GLOW POLISH: These stunning colors are unbelievable!! The predominate colors in Cotton Candy Gloware pink, blue, purple, a peachy orange and yellow. In Twilight Glow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink take turns turning heads!  Prism Glow is a beautiful pastel shimmery multi-chrome and It's a very rare type of polish that has a very strong metallic shimmer and changes colors like a chameleon. The predominate color is pink and shifts to other colors in different lighting situations like orange, yellow, gold, green, blue and purple... it's magical!!

UNICORN GLOW POLISH: This FLAKIE polish is GORGEOUS!!!!! It has a beautiful shift that glides through many pink to purple to blue and even some other colors! Glow Girl was made to be applied over the polish of your choice. We feel a BLACK BASE COAT shows off this polish at its best. Any other base color works with this topper as well, but might not have such a dramatic effect. Glow Girl has a beautiful shift that glides through many pink to purple to blue and even some other colors! It's Magic has a beautiful shift that glides through many pink to green to orange to yellow and some blue in certain angles! Sparkle Me Silly transcends through many greens to purples to blues and in between!

Cotton Candy Glow - Glow Pop Polish
Glow Girl - Unicorn Glow Polish
It's Magic - Unicorn Glow Polish
Prism Glow - Glow Pop Polish
Sparkle Me Silly - Unicorn Glow Polish
Twilight Glow - Glow Pop Polish