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Antique Pink Leather Journal

For the free-spirited traveler looking for a trusty companion to document their journeys, our handmade leather journals are here! Our timeless design will become your constant go-to on every pursuit. Each journal is complete with 120 pages of luxurious paper that won't smudge or ghost; allowing you to write away without worry and express yourself in any way imaginable. If space is an issue - not anymore! Our compact size allows it to fit comfortably into any bag or pocket so adventure awaits no matter where life takes you next.

Reminiscent of medieval manuscript books, this journal leather is crafted of the finest, supple split leather. Rustic crazy horse leather with a handsome strap, giving it a beautiful visual aesthetic. It is genuine leather, and if you scratch the cover, even with a fingernail, just rub it slightly or by using a leather oil to lessen the scratch.

All of our leather journals are hand made in India and are guaranteed free trade. Measures 8x6