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August 11, 2021 1 min read

Hey Boo has been a top selling product since we created it 3 years ago. Hey Boo can be used on any bump, scrape, bite, burn, or wound. We have received thousands of testimonials regarding the benefits of Hey Boo. We have doctors from all over the world that refer their clients and patients to us for our little miracle in a bottle. I am ashamed to say I got poison ivy and then another rash on my inner elbow on my arm. I got rid if the poison ivy but the other rash hung on.  I get allergy shots every two weeks. The nurses looked at my rash and said, "that looks like a yeast rash. You need to see your Dr." Well, we were going out of town to fish for salmon in Lake Ontario. So I thought, I'll just use my Hey Boo until I can get to the Dr.  How dumb to think I didn't use this before!!! After 4 days, its gone!!! Totally back to normal. Angel Isaac  you really are a miracle worker.  I'm so glad I keep Hey Boo on hand at all times.
Hey Boo to the Rescue!!!!Hey Boo to the Rescue!!!!Hey Boo to the Rescue!!!!Hey Boo to the Rescue!!!!

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