VanHanson Pretzels

The BEST seasoned pretzels you will ever taste!!! This small business from Minnesota sure knows how to tease your taste buds!!!

Von Hanson’s Snacks proudly introduces the perfect seasoned pretzel!

Zesty Herb has a robust, savory taste with just a bit of heat from black pepper.

Dill Ranch has a kick of dill with a hint of garlic.

Parmesan has the nutty flavor that we love!

Cinnamon Crunch Who doesn’t like a sweet and salty snack?!  Our Cinnamon Crunch Pretzels are perfect for those with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Hot Buffalo Think spicy, vinegary pop of heat that's crying to be dipped into blue cheese dressing!

Smoky BBQ Smoky, sweet and tangy all in the same bite! 

Tangy Mustard Mmmmmmm, mustard!


By focusing on what we do best – flavor and service, the crew has taken inspiration from Von Hanson’s Meats original Dill Ranch flavored pretzel and expanded the line into new and exciting flavors of seasoned pretzels!

Von Hanson’s Snacks and their seasoned pretzels are the latest extension of the Von Hanson’s family, where commitment to quality product and friendly service has been the foundation of the business since their first store opened in 1984.

It’s the deep toasted crunch, sea salt satisfaction and insane flavors of Dill Ranch, Parmesan, Cinnamon Crunch, Tangy Mustard and Hot Buffalo that make folks crave the best ever seasoned pretzels!