The Rugged Man Father's Day Bundle

This bundle is for the hardworking, rugged dad. 

This bundle includes our exclusive shotgun bullet bottle opener for him to crack a cold one at the end of the day, limited edition Joint Juice twist up stick for his aches and pains, Cowboy soap to wash the dirt off his hands, Brumate Trio to hold his beet, 13mL full spectrum for his aching back, pretzels for him to snack on, and our magic pen (These small multi-tools are everything! Multifunctional stylus tools have a soft tipped stylus on one end while the opposite end houses an ink pen. The pen shaft has a 3-in. ruler and small level, and beneath the textured metal grip, you will find a small flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers) 

This is the ULTIMATE bundle for any dad!!!


Retail Value: $150

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