Sugar Fixe Lip Scrub

Our Sugar Fixe organic lip scrubs are edible and made with organic sugar, hydrating organic shea butter, and vitamin E to gently exfoliate lips. 

Coconut Milk Peach mixes the classic, creamy and tart fragrance and taste of ripe peaches with the sugary, soft scent of coconut and cream. 

Pink Lemonade smells and tastes like refreshing lemon, sugar, and grenadine. 

Sangria has the spiced punch and citrus flavor of red sangria. 

Pumpkin Cheesecake smells and tastes of rich, creamy cheesecake with cinnamon spice. 

Pineapple Orange has the subtle taste and smell of pineapple with a tinge of orange citrus.

Our rounded bottom, screw top container is easy on fingertips and BPA free. Made by in the USA by Country Bath House