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Here for the Brows

Cala makes the perfect touch-up tool for expertly groomed eyebrows, upper lip, or dermaplaing your face. Our legendary stainless-steel Touch-up Razor comfortably trims unwanted hair with exacting precision. Its safety cover doubles as a brow comb and -with the razors grooved safety guard- protects delicate skin and prolongs blade life. We will send a random color of either pink, yellow, teal. Razors are sold individually. 

Please be careful around the eye area. There are lots of videos on you tube on dermaplaning and one of these days I will make one of my own for you. 


NEW!! Now available in 2 kinds of multi packs!

Here for the Brow Razor Set. Safe and easy-to-use. Foldable touchup razors are ideal for shaping & Styling eyebrows.

Brow Affair 6 pcs Brow Razor Set. Incudes 6 different razors for all grooming needs - eyebrow, lips, and/or bikini line. Remove unwanted hair with accuracy and ease.