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Sacred Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves are an amazing herb that may grant wishes, clear a space of harmful energy, and bring you prosperity. It has been used in many ceremonies and rituals to rid one of something that your want to get rid of. Write what needs to be gone form one's life upon a leaf and burn it with the intent that the smoke and burning of the leaf takes that item away. The Wish Craft is done in the same manor as the removal of thing in one's life.

For protection - Burn bay leaves to exorcise harmful energies. To create a sacred space use blessed Florida or Moon water to sprinkle Bay leaves and place them around the area (you can also use ground Bay leaves for this as well.
For psychic enhancement - Put bay leaves in a pillowcase to bring psychic dreams.

For Success - Wear or carry bay leaves to help bring success in any endeavor.

Majic: Write a wish on a bay leaf and light it on fire. Visualize your wish coming true as the leaf turns into energy and ash.