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Rosie's Tattoo Butter

The Pretty Hot Mess Hemp Infused Rosie's Tattoo Butter is formulated with natural ingredients to bring out your tattoo’s color and assist in the healing process. Vitamin E and Jojoba oil moisturize and enhance color vibrancy, while castor seed oil and Neroli oil protect against fading and infection. Non-irritating and won’t clog pores. 

Rosie's Tattoo Butter was named after our favorite tattoo artist, Glen Underwood who is known for his bright and vibrant artwork. 

Caring for your new ink is vital to keep it looking fresh and aiding in healing. 

Rosie’s Tattoo ButterPerfect for Black, Grey, Color Tattoos

Rosie’s Tattoo ButterNot Greasy or Oily

Rosie’s Tattoo ButterAll Natural Ingredients

Why Rosie's Tattoo Butter

Aftercare made easy
Rosie’s Tattoo ButterElectrify Your Tattoos PresenceRosie’s Tattoo ButterMoisturizes and Nourishes

Rosie’s Tattoo ButterKeeps Your Tattoos HealthyRosie’s Tattoo Butter Hydrates and Restores

Easy as Open, Scoop, Apply

1. Open your tin of Rosie's Tattoo Butter

2. Scoop the desired amount~a little goes a long way

3. Apply gently in circular motions
4. Use 2 times a day after getting your new ink for a full 10 days
Rosie’s Tattoo Butter
What's Inside:  Aloe Vera, Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Zinc Oxide, Jojoba Oil, CBD Isolate, Rosehip, Beeswax, Hemp Seed Oil, Lemon, Helichrysm, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Castor Oil, Natural Fragrance
Comes in a 2oz twist off tin
Rosie’s Tattoo Butter
Rosie’s Tattoo Butter