Namaste Healing Bracelet

Take Charge of Yourself!

Namaste ...... wear one or stack them and wear all 3!!


Our natural Blue Sea Sediment Jasper is infused with positive energy and peace!Blue Sea Sediment Jasper is a vibrant stone of stability, offering powerful protection against negative energies and increasing positivity. Blue Jasper is known to manifest strength, courage and wisdom. Sea Sediment Jasper is a wonderful stone for helping one find inner peace, clarity, love and compassion. It is also an excellent stone for emotional healing. This gorgeous piece is embellished with the Lotus Flower. 

Black Onyx is a powerful warrior stone. It helps diminish the negative energy and thought patterns stemming from debilitating fear. Black Onyx stimulates the root chakra. Black Onyx provides strong and intuitive guidance that first takes you into the darkness before guiding you toward the light. Black Onyx helps us reflect on who we really are, not what society expects. It provides courage, emotional strength, self-confidence, dispels fears, and balances our yin/yang energy.  This fabulous healing bracelet is embellished with the Om symbol for inner peace. 

Leopard Jasper is give you a sense of stability amidst the chaotic energies that surround you.  


All of our gemstones are cleansed and blessed with positive vibes to rid negative energy 🌛🌞🌜

  • Elastic
  • Natural 8mm stones
  • Length: approximately 7 inches 
  • The lotus flower is the symbol of the realization of being
  • Materials: Natural semi-precious stones-Leopard Jasper, Sea Jasper and Black Onyx
  • Metals: Brass




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