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Manbasics Beard Comb and Brush Set


The ManBasics beard comb and brush kit will help tame your beard and keep it healthy. The comb is 100% natural Sandalwood, and the brush is high-quality boars hair! 

The ManBasics Beard Comb and Brush Kit features an all-natural sandalwood comb. It is double-sided with a fine comb on one side and a more rough comb on the other side. The dark sandalwood comb will glide through your beard smoothly without catching and pulling out beard hair as a synthetic brush can.

  • You will love using the sandalwood comb with our Whiskey Old Fashioned Beard Oil which features Sandalwood essential oil!


  • The brush features a beechwood handle and boars hair bristles. You will love the boar's hair bristles which are a little more firm than synthetic or horsehair bristles. This will help to pull through your beard instead of glossing over it.


  • The ManBasics Beard Comb and Brush Kit will arrive in a box designed to hold both comb and brush.

Check out the ADK Beard Oil Collection to go with your Beard Comb & Bush Set! It’s a perfect addition to your facial hair grooming needs!