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Linen & Lace Aromatherapy

Ahhh.... I love everything around me to smell clean and fresh. This nontoxic, natural formula will take you back to mamaw's backyard clothes line, complete with wooden clothes pins. Infused with Frankincense for a comforting & invigorating aromatherapy effect. 

Spray to freshen clothing and bedding between washes or diffuse to keep your entire house smelling crisp and fresh. Ideal for deodorizing outerwear, car interiors, sneakers, and luggage. Works great for closets and drawers, too!

The ultimate “old fashioned clothes line clean laundry smell.”

HAND BLENDED/PACKAGED: Each bottle of Linen & Lace is produced from a hand blended small batch of premium quality organic, natural fragrance oil. Pet & Kid friendly. 

For use in any room, your car, or directly on garments and linens as you iron or after to freshen. Test on an inside seam prior to spraying on delicate fabrics and avoid spraying on finished wood.