Iron in a Bottle

Ironing is a menace to society!

As featured in Oprah's favorite products, introducing Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle, a plant-based wrinkle releaser spray for clothing. Family owned & inspired. Look and feel your best without sacrificing precious time. Made in America.  

Test a small portion of fabric before spraying the entire garment. Hang clothing and spray 8-12 inches from garment in a sweeping motion until all wrinkles on front and back are slightly damp. Smooth fabrics downward, gently tug and pull garment and watch wrinkles release. Let dry before wearing. 

*More extreme wrinkles may require multiple application. See How it Works video demonstration for the most effective releasing techniques.

Available in travel size, laundry room size, and a combo!!

Get the combo! Short trip, long trip? You're prepared for both. At home, in your purse, your office, the car, kids on the go bags! Never be seen wrinkly again 


“I travel non-stop for work. Wrinkled clothes come with the territory. I have zero time to iron. Tom & Sheri’s keeps me looking my best on and off the course without sacrificing valuable time.”— Bronson Burgoon  PGA Golfer

"This is another ingenious product..this is for people who do not like to iron, for people that have no time to iron, for those that don't own an iron. It really is perfect for travel and for home." -Adam Glassman, Creative Director at Oprah Magazine (quote from Oprah's Spring Favorites on ABC 03/18/19)

"Stanley Korshak is extremely proud to offer our customers, Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle. We stand behind service and quality and Tom & Sheri’s delivers both!" -Crawford Brock, Owner of Stanley Korshak, Dallas, TX