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Happy Wax Mini Warmer

Our Happy Wax Mini USB Tabletop Wax Warmer features a ceramic heater (translation for veteran melters: no more changing out bulbs), a “no-scrape” silicone wax melt dish and a micro USB power cable! This Mini-Tabletop Warmer is perfect for small spaces!

PATENT-PENDING SILICONE WAX MELT DISH - All Happy Wax warmers include our flexible silicone dish, which allows you to quickly and cleanly change scents in seconds! Simply “pop” used wax right out of our patent-pending silicone dish—no more scraping your wax warmer!

CERAMIC HEATER, NO BULBS - The Happy Wax USB Mini-Tabletop Wax Warmers include one micro USB power cable, compatible with USB ports! Power your wax melt warmer directly from your computer, laptop, or any device that has a USB port. This Happy Wax Warmer also features a ceramic heater (translation for veteran melters: you won’t have to change out your warmer bulbs!).

MINI-TABLETOP WARMER SIZE - This tabletop wax melt warmer is the perfect size for small spaces! Don't let the size fool you this warmer is small but mighty! 

COMPATIBLE WITH ANY USB CHARGING PORT - This Mini-Tabletop Wax Melt Warmer can plug right into any computer, laptop, or device that has a USB port. 

PERFECT FOR THE OFFICE, DORM ROOMS, & MORE! - This Mini-Tabletop warmer is perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms, the office, or any place you want to add a touch of décor! 

Candle lovers, it's time to join the melt-olution!  Our Mini USB Wax Warmer provides a convenient, flame-free solution to enjoying all-natural fragrance throughout your home. We especially love this size for offices, dorms, even your bedroom. The perfect combination of tech and home fragrance!  

USB MIni-Tabletop Wax Warmer includes: 

  • Ceramic Wax Melt Warmer 
  • "No-Scrape" Silicone Wax Melt Dish
  • Micro USB Power Cable 
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