Handmade Brooms

Handmade Brooms, made by Little John. These brooms come plain, meaning they are not embellished like the other custom brooms. 

We have 3 styles available. Traditional whisk broom, traditional flat broom and a small cobweb broom. 

These brooms aren't just to ride on, you can clean with them too


Borrowed from Lena_fox_art

Let's talk about the Broom! 🍃🌿
The broom, also called besom, is very powerful and useful in magical practice. It's a ritual tool for purifying, cleansing, sweeping out the negative energies, preparing a magic circle and even casting some spells. A broom often stands near the front door of the house to protect it from unwanted spirits, energies or even guests. It's placed always close to the door so you can quickly grab it and start sweeping all the negativities out. In my home tradition it was said that it's best to make your broom for magical purpose by yourself, that's why the broom is tied to its owner, not to a specific house. The house always had its own broom, which absolutely could not be carried out of the threshold, otherwise its protective energy is banished from the house, just as the broom has previously swept away the bad energies from it. The broom is using above all to protect and clean, it allows you to get rid of the unwanted powers of who owns it. Also, the sweeping technique is important - my mother taught me to always start sweeping from the window towards the door, every room, until we reach the front door and sweep everything over the threshold. Just as we drive out bad energy from home by using herbs or incenses - to the left side, counter-clockwise. As a curious fact I can say that in my tradition, the broom set at the door of the house had one more meaning - it had to check, that is, the guest who enters the house has good intentions. For this purpose, the housemaster opening the door for the guest, gently pushed the broomstick to fall on the floor and watched if the guest would pick it up straight away or pass through it, regardless of the fact that it was lying. If he picked it up meant that he was a good man, with good intentions, and if not, be careful - perhaps this person has evil intentions towards us.


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