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Excavation Dig Kits by Geo Central

Excavation Dig Kits

Our active excavation kits offer children a chance to chip away at the block to exposed dinosaurs, mummy's, pirates, and more!

Dinosaur Skelton: This full size excavation kit features dinosaur skeleton pieces, which can then be snapped together to assemble the complete skeleton. 

Glowing Dino SkeletonThis mini excavation kit features premium quality, lightweight dig block material. Each mini-sized block contains a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton figurine and a fold-out guide for learning. 

Mermaid: Why go to sea? To catch a mermaid, of course! Each lovely little mermaid waits for someone to dig her out of the blue sea block. Each dig kit contains 1 of 2 different mermaids.

These are excellent for learning, school projects, home schooling, or just curious kids. No glue required for assembly.

**More excavation kits will be coming soon